Announcement: Pan


If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Pan During the London blitz in the middle of the night, a young boy named Peter is kidnapped from an orphanage by a band of

Announcement: The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son 海报-Poster  small

The Prodigal Son 《浪子回家》 The Prodigal Son 《浪子回家》” tells a story about four best friends brought together by fate. After the death of one of them, due to a fight they started in a bar under the influence of drugs

Announcement: Redemption Of The Heart


Redemption of the Heart Redemption of the Heart is a feature length film about Alex Montoya, a man who has fallen away from the Christian faith. He finds himself in a destructive relationship and in financial debt which causes him

Pontianak Menangis


Pontianak Menangis Kampung Selamat is frequently disturbed by the crying sounds of a Pontianak and recently there everything to Man Kelentong, but the truth is – there is no exorcist named Raja Paku as Man Kelentong had made up that

Saving Mr.Wu


Saving Mr. Wu The story follows the abduction of a Hong Kong star in Beijing named Wu Ruofu, who is abducted and is cruelly tormented by his abductors. Despite it all, Wu demonstrates an extraordinary calm that makes him more

The Martian


The Martian Astronaut Mark Watney is one of the crew members on a manned mission to Mars. When he is mistakenly presumed to be dead and gets left behind, he finds himself all alone scrambling to survive on the red

The Intern


The Intern Ben Whittaker is a 70-year-old successful business owner who has retired. Unused to retirement, Whittaker decides to get back in the game by becoming a senior intern at an online fashion website, founded and run by a young



Everest Based on the real events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, which killed several climbers when a severe snowstorm hit the mountain. Two group leaders, Scott Fischer and Rob Hall, were trying to lead their expedition teams to climb

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